23 jan. 2019 om 11:03

Want to become the owner of stylish handbags SAVIO?
Rather then take part in our prize draw. ZENDEN
The rules are simple:
1. Subscribe to https://vk.com/zenden_official.

2. Put like this record.
3. Do repost this entry and point out the comments to repost in your account, what kind of handbag do you prefer (red or black).
. ZENDENJanuary 30, we’ll pick a winner using a special application. Lucky player will get the bag, which he pointed out in a comment to your repost.
The second bag we will draw among all participants who have complied with all the conditions of the giveaway. ZENDEN
In draw can take part only the inhabitants of Russia. Gifts delivery at our expense.
Your profile should be open of the drawing.
We wish you all good luck. ZENDEN
#ZENDENдаритподарки #zenden #Senden. ZENDEN