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Siempre me quedara la voz suave del mar
6 jan. 2019 om 13:36

. SiempreTAKE THE FIRST STEP . Siempre

. Siempre If you want to start learning this wonderful language or to strengthen your knowledge, then this course is for you!

. SiempreWith us you will learn the A1 level, will learn to read and to translate some of the entries in our community, without looking at the comments!

. SiempreThe course consists of 10 lessons, two lessons a week.
Thus, in 5 weeks you will learn the most important thing in Spanish.

With our course you will be able to :
. Siempreto get acquainted with native speakers and with people from other countries who study this language
. Siempretell us about yourself in Spanish
. Siempreit is easy to find the words to ask for directions
. Siempreto read adapted literature and much more

Join us!

. SiempreBONUS: along with the course you get a Free playlist of Spanish music, selected by us specially for your full immersion in the atmosphere of the Spanish language . Siempre. Siempre. Siempre

. SiempreAbout the price, details of the course and write to it
Write to me In PM Community . Siempre

. SiempreSTART 22nd JANUARY. Siempre