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Jewelry Alina Реrova
24 juli 2018 om 18:24

Show You charm set.
Now You can order a similar earrings – pins.
Wore ever such?

Now more about them.
. . JewelryKaffa-pins – these are decorations that are a cross between classic earrings and kafami. .
. JewelryThe earrings from them what they certainly require a puncture in the ear, cuff – decorate all the ear above the lobe.
. Jewelry Noteworthy about them is that in addition to puncture they are attached due to the natural ear shapes from behind ,snuggling.
Now this is how to wear them?
. Jewelry Taken fingers over the lower part of the shackle pins and the shackle is threaded back through the puncture in the lobe along the entire length, guiding the shackle down.
. JewelryTurn the shackle pin, setting the stage for the back handle behind the ear and comfortably put it behind him, and leave the front part of the front, clipping, pushing back .
. JewelryVery light and comfortable , not chustvuetsa on the ear.
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How to look like pins ?
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