Azbuka Vkusa
30 jan. 2019 om 19:05

. ABCThe competition. ABC

For professional designers and those who just feels Artemy Lebedev in the shower! If you want to collabo, as Pokras Lampas, help us to design eco-bags . ABC

. ABC Why should you participate?

The winner give a gift card for 20 000 rubles, and its design will appear in our new collection of eco-bags (will be able to boast in front of friends and led them to an exhibition of your work in any “ABC of Taste”, Yes).

. ABC I’m in, what do I need?

The link i.av.ru/ecosumki take the layout of the bags (important conditions). Dizaineri design (you can print out and draw by hand or use a graphics program). To 24 Feb post with the hashtag #av_дизайн profile (always open). Note @azbukavkusa. So that nothing is lost, send a link to the post in the message community. Looking forward to results — will announce the winner on March 4.

. ABC Who are the judges?

The jury — Vice-President of marketing, communications Director of the “Azbuka Vkusa” and representatives of Greenpeace.

#azbukavkusa #isbecause #competition #design #ekosumki. ABC