26 Feb

February 26 – March 1 will be held online conference on illustration and watercolor drawing ILLUSTRATION CONF 5.0

26 Febhttp://artfamilyschool.ru/illustrationconf5

Do you think the process of learning, improvement and gaining of new knowledge, must be permanent? Nowadays, thanks to the Internet, you can get a lot of useful information without leaving home.

And it’s great!

So I want to tell you about the upcoming event, which will be a lot of useful information. Performances will be in the format of online master classes. You can just listen, and you can even paint along with the speakers. The event will be interesting for anyone who enjoys drawing

For online conference you will learn:

-All the subtleties of working with color in a marker painting
-Ways of creating different textures in watercolor
-How to achieve maximum volume and realism in painting watercolor the eyes
-How to create characters and illustrations to the history
-The myths and realities of academic drawing
– 8 specific tips for those who teach
– About doubt and loyalty in the artist’s life. How to be an artist, organizer and teacher at the same time

In addition to the interesting presentations, you will be able to ask all your questions to the speakers

The event takes place online so you can participate from home, comfortably ensconced behind his laptop, or on the holiday from mobile devices

Interested? Want to participate?

All details and registration at the link http://artfamilyschool.ru/illustrationconf526 Feb